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Shipment of Touches?

i want a 16 gig ipod touch first gen, but they are all out, i would like to know when the new shipment is arriving.Smiley Indifferent
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Re: Shipment of Touches?

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I second this, I returned my 1st gen, full refund, and made the difference with a gift card, and now they are out of stock IN THE ENTIRE NY STATE!!! W.T.F?!?!? I'd like to have one already. Backorder will take around 3-4weeks, an incredibly long time.F is up with that? what is with the lack of supply? What is Apple or BestBuy doing, ignoring the demand like this? But to the OP, I do not think that the 16GB 1st gen will ever return, as they removed it from the listing. I purchased one new years day, since it was such a bargain, but later returned it when I found out the the 2nd gen had a much faster clocked processor, making it better for gaming than all other iPhones and the 1G. plus the speaker is a plus, as an alarm especially. Mic input will be useful too. But to top it all off, the JB is just a few days away.

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