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Sansa Clip

I bought a 2 GB Sansa Clip and just love it.  Problem I am having is my clip broke.  I was wearing it on my jeans pocket and brushed too close to a door frame.  Now my clip is still intact but no longer works and just hangs there.  I would really like to find a way to fix the clip -- where can I go to get it fixed, or get a new part?  (it's the red Sansa Clip)  
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Re: Sansa Clip

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Thank you for your question, wiskyrapids.


My father also loves his black SanDisk Sansa Clip 2GB MP3 player we gave him last holiday season.  He appreciates its size, the display, and how easily he can transfer his music.  I can imagine the trouble he would have without a clip while he rakes the leaves and wants to change a song.  My mom even borrows it for her audio books on trips; the clip is certainly a convenient accessory. I encourage you to contact the manufacturer at 1-866-SANDISK (866-726-3475) to see if you qualify a one-time clip replacement.  Additionally, I’m not sure if you use your clip while running, biking, or riding the bus, but you may want to look at for an MP3 jacket or armband accessory that would keep it protected and accessible.



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