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SanDisk - Sansa Fuze 4GB* MP3 Player

I just purchased the Sansa this weekend, and this is my first MP3.  When I try and listen to some of the songs I have put on I can barely hear them singing.  I can hear the music great but not the voice.  Is there something I need to do different.  I have a few songs on there that work great, but other that are awful.  I was not sure if it was the song, or not.  Thanks for any help. 
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Re: SanDisk - Sansa Fuze 4GB* MP3 Player

First, make sure the headphone plug is all the way in. Sounds obvious, but sometimes you may overlook it. Second, try a different set of headphones. If those two solutions don't work, listen to the song on another device, such as your computer. Does it sound fine? If so, bring the Fuze back to BB to exchange for another.