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Samsung MP3 (YP-S3)

I have a Samsung YP-S3 MP3 player.  My problem is getting a replacement charger cord; I need this because our dog chewed through the cord.  Cat Sad  

I am unable to find the device on Samsung's website; I don't know if they make it anymore.  Does anyone know if the device is still in production?  

(the little code on the bottom, it it helps, is YP-S3JARY)

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Re: Samsung MP3 (YP-S3)

Hi there Gidzmo-


I can’t say that I’ve ever had a dog chew through any of my cords, but I always end up with the cords pulling out of my headphones all the time, so I know it can be a pain.


While that item may not have been on Samsung’s site, you may be able to ask them about a replacement charger cord at 1-800-726-7864.  This should be their support number.



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Re: Samsung MP3 (YP-S3)

Yes--the dog did chew my headphones, but those are easily replaced.  Not so the charger cord.  After checking at two other electronics stores, it turns out that the charger is a "proprietary" piece.  

The tech at one store was surprised that I was even asking about an MP3 player.  After all, he said, most people were listening to music on their cellphones. 

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Re: Samsung MP3 (YP-S3)

I don't think so!