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Returning an Ipod Touch for higher capacity?

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Coming from an iPod Nano 2gb, I thought 8gb would be enough.. but obviously not. Is there any way I can return my iPod Touch 2nd Gen (8GB) and only pay the difference between the 8GB price and the 32GB price? There are *minor* scratches on the back, and it was purchased on November 15th, in time for the extended warranty if I'm not mistaken, (It says so on the receipt). Is this possible?





I wouldn't mind getting my iPod engraved... exactly how much would I get back (if I could) If I wanted to return the iPod and get a refund (cash/credit), and order directly from Apple instead.


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Re: Returning an Ipod Touch for higher capacity?

In Best Buy, if I'm possibly correct..., you can't *trade-in* anything if that's what your saying. You can do that on something like a local yardsale website or something, but not in a major store like this.

As for engraving, you'd have to go to an engraving specialist. Apple only does it when you first order it.

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Re: Returning an Ipod Touch for higher capacity?

Also, keep in mind that once an item is engraved, a lot of places won't take it back because it was not returned in "like new condition". Engraving of an ipod touch also voids the warranty, just like unlocking or jailbreaking the iphone.
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