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Refurbished Samsung Warranty?

Hey! So I'm looking to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 at $99. I am just curious if it has a warranty or not as it doesn't say either way on the Best Buy website. Do any refurbished products have warranties? Thanks!

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Re: Refurbished Samsung Warranty?

Hello ge96star,


Thanks for shopping on!


Most of the refurbished products available on our website do indeed have a warranty and we normally put that information in the product’s specification tab. I didn’t see it there, which is odd, but I dug up the information and let our website team know it was missing. The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 comes with a 90 day parts and labor warrantee.



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Re: Refurbished Samsung Warranty?

Thanks so much! This was very helpful!

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Re: Refurbished Samsung Warranty?

If the 90 day warranty doesn't work for you, which it wouldn't work for me, you can always go on and place an order for a SquareTrade warranty depending on how much the device costs. It's separate from any company and allows you to pick and choose your coverage. I've never personally done it but it seems like a pretty good deal.

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Re: Refurbished Samsung Warranty?

If you go that route, definitely read the SquareTrade terms first. I've looked through them and the terms are vastly inferior to Best Buy. Coverage is similar, but the coverage limit for Squaretrade is equivalent to the purcahse price of the device, in this case $99. 


That means if you have an issue, you'll most likely get your $99 back, and your plan will be fulfilled. If the repair costs less than $99, they may decide to repair it.. if they do, and the repair costs, let's say $50, then you only have $49 coverage left on the device. If you have another issue in the coverage period, you'll get the remaining $49 if the repair costs more than $49.


With Best Buy, they don't limit the total coverage amount that way, so even if they do 3 repairs and decide to junk out the device, you'd still get the value of a comparable item instead of a store credit for the purchase price minus the cost of the three repairs. 


Just a heads-up regarding Squaretrade.