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Recommend a WiFi Product

I have a PC with internet cable. I just got the iPod and want to purchase a product that will able me to use WiFi end of the ipod in the house. Can you give me some direction so I can some what sound like I know what I am talking about when I go to the store.


I have a $50.00 gift card that came with my ipod is this an item I can get for that price or less?


Will I as an average computer person be able to connect using this device?


Is this something I have to call the cable company about?


I am aksing these questions now before I break the seal on this gift.  I also have the Wednesday morning to shop at the Best Buy around the block. 


Thank you in advance for any in put you may have....Smiley Happy

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Re: Recommend a WiFi Product

im not positive here but i belive you have to buy a wireless router... you can buy ones that will cover a large house or a small house that also changes the price..good luck!