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Real OLD School

I want to be able to play cds in a 1868 ford truck that has a cig lighter for a power port.  It has nothing modern in it due to the fact is is a 100% factory restored truck.

 Got any ideas?

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Re: Real OLD School

Welcome Wc208-


That is pretty old school, and honestly you have actually brought up a vehicle that I have never seen in my 10 years installing with the company.  I have worked on a wide array of things, but the Model T, from 1911, was the oldest vehicle that I had the pleasure of working on.  There probably really isn't very many solutions for you that would be ideal for the average person, but I don't imagine this is an everyday driver, so here are a few possibilities. 


You can purchase any cd player and plug in external speakers that do not require a power outlet.  Our portable Bluetooth speakers should all have pretty good battery life, and almost all an auxiliary input. With that input you can take your CD players headphone jack, connect an auxiliary cord to that port, and then the other end of the aux cord to the, "aux-in" port of the portable speaker .  Basically you would be running off battery life and this wouldn't be something that would probably last multiple days without charging them. 


There are small portable speakers that we used to carry that required no plug in, but this would be the best solution for you, so that you only had to worry about the batteries running out on the CD player itself.  This would unfortunately be the first way that comes to my mind besides adding on a tuner in a glove box, under a seat, or somewhere we can hid a true tuner. These steps would require installation and I'm not entirely sure you are wanting to modify this vehicle in that way. 


If you are looking to go that route please contact your local installation bay, but please know that you will need to bring the vehicle into the store to have the work performed. Our Geek Squad Autotechs will be able to provide you with a quote once the vehicle has been seen, and you both have discussed your options and placements.  If you want to send me feedback on any of these and what you were envisioning I would be happy to provide different options with what you were thinking! 


Best of luck!

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