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Re: I'm paralyzed & need help

My 83 yr. old father JUST bought a new 40" Samsung UHD TV & is very hard of hearing, so I decided to buy him a Wireless Speaker to put next to his chair, to end his "Full Volume" sound that hurt my ears. The new TV doesn't have a Bluetooth feature so I was advised & bought the ALURETEK BT Universl Audio Transmitter. After charging & pairing it with the TV., the sound for a Samsung LEVEL Wireless BT Speaker is not perfectly "in sync" with the TV's speaker sound so we get an "echo"!
Any ideas on eliminating this? Should I get a better BT Tramsmitter? Also, had to plug it into 3.5mm Headphone Jack using a "Y" cable just to be able to still run Audio to his stereo & play sound through it. Tried just BT without splitting to Stereo and no difference. Even tried a new BEM Speaker but still echo'!

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Re: I'm paralyzed & need help

Hey Rob810,


This sounds like a workaround that I would use, and I have been trying to figure out a wireless speaker solution for my TV for a while now. One system I really like is the Sonos system, but I just can’t afford that system right-now.


I’m sure the problem is in the quality of this Bluetooth audio transmitter, and there is most likely not anything you can do about the echo. One thing you could try is just turning the sound on the TV all the way down and just use the Bluetooth speaker for audio.



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