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Password help.. Important!

For about a year or so i've had an account on that i put tons of pictures on it, and i had to reset my password one day for it and i forgot my password and never remembered my email for it so i cant get into and id really like too, because of those pictures i have posted on there, that i do need, and i've tryed about everything to get into and i even contacted photobucket staff themself and emailed them and gave them all the information to the account and described in detail pictures and videos that were on there and they still wont let me on it nor reset my password.. if they still dont let me reset it, do you think that i could go to geek squad and get them to break the password..? because someone told me that, they can break passwords for you very easily. because i really do need those pictures on there. ANYONE KNOW? very important

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Re: Password help.. Important!

No, GS will not do that. BB could potentially be prosecuted.


Also, GS does not have any way to "break in" to anything. Whoever told you this was clueless.

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Re: Password help.. Important!

We can "break" COMPUTER passwords through our password removal tool, but that's it.

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Re: Password help.. Important!

You know, I've had a photobucket account for years as well. There are ways around getting it the password reset or have the GS break into the computer.


If you remember your screen name for the account, you can always search it on photobucket and copy and paste the URLs to a new photobucket account. You just want to make sure to right click on the image, go to properties and copy the URL from the information that appears there.


I actually did the same thing a long time ago, and just started a new account, searched for my old login name and transferred the photos.

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