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Pantech P6020 Swift Car Music Player

I'm looking for a gift for my wife and I'd like to let her listen to music in the car. Right now she has a Pantech P6020 Swift phone that has bluetooth and can connect with USB.


Eventually she will be upgrading to an Iphone, so I'd like a car music player that can do pandora but right now just play music off the phone either through the bluetooth or USB.


Is there a music player that can do both?



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Re: Pantech P6020 Swift Car Music Player

Just to be clear, your wife currently uses her Pantech phone to stream music through the bluetooth in the car, but the Pantech phone can't play Pandora. You want to replace it with something that can do both. If that is correct, she will be all set when she gets the iPhone.


Pandora has an iPhone app, and the iPhone can connect and play over bluetooth in the car, so that takes care of both parts.