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OOP'S I washed my daughters Ipod!!! Help please

We put it in a bowl of rice and dried it out nicely for 2 days and it works great only on the charger but not when it is disconnected.  It wont even turn on when disconnedted from the charger, computer or I home.  It is fully charged too.  She is devastated so should i take it to the geek squad????

will it cost a small fortune????


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Re: OOP'S I washed my daughters Ipod!!! Help please

Sounds like you shorted out the battery. This is why it will work while connected to power, but not otherwise. You might as well take it to them and see what they want to fix it, but you're probably going to be better off buying a new one.


Also, I'd sell it on e bay as people buy them for parts.