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Non bluetooth earbuds?

Is there such a thing as wireless earbuds that do not connect via bluetooth or via wifi?  If so, what are they?  If there are only ones via wifi, which ones would those be?  We would use them during a workout while using  phone as our music player.



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Re: Non bluetooth earbuds?

Blue tooth is pretty much all your going to see in wireless ear buds.


 But if your using your phone as a music player why not simply use Blue Tooth?  


I have a few sets of blue tooth head phones and blue tooth works very well. 


For working out I would suggest looking at bone conducting headphones.  I tend to have issues with ear buds falling out while doing physical activites. I have AfterShokz bone conduction head phone and they work very well.  You won't get the quality as you would from over the ear or ear buds, but they are super comfortable and won't fall off when running. 




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