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New ipod

im looking for a new ipod, one that can hold multiple movies, tv shows, music, and music videos, all for a reasonable price. what would be my best choice? Please answer soon!
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Re: New ipod

Hi RandiJo!


There are several different models of iPod® currently available. Since I don't know exactly what "reasonable price" means to you, I thought I would give you a couple of options:


First is the new nanos. They come in a variety of colors, and you have two capacity options; 8GB and 16GB. You can anticipate that you will be able to hold approximately 1 hour of video for every GB of available space, though this can vary a bit with video quality. The 8GB nano is currently $149.99, and the 16GB nano is currently $199.99.


Now I know you specified iPod®, but there are several other manufacturers of Mp3 players, and many of them produce video models. The reason I mention it is because we've got some Mp3 players currently available in our Outlet Center. (Look for a link at the top of the page on You might find a deal that's just too good to beat!


And of course, we always offer financing. So if you decide to splurge, we can help you with that too. Smiley Happy


I would love to hear what you end up getting!

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