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Napster "5 for $5"

Hey everyone,

I’ve never been a fan of having to buy an entire CD just to get my hands on one or two songs. In fact, if I physically owned every CD my MP3s are from I probably wouldn’t be able to find a place to sit in my home office. Thankfully, music download services help me keep the clutter down to a minimum.

Now, I’ve used a number of services in the past – everything from iTunes to the now-defunct – but one thing sticks out in my mind: they all seem to be pretty much the same thing. You either pay per song download or pay for a streaming audio subscription. It wasn’t until Napster announced their latest “5 for $5” promotion that I was able to find something different…a service that offers both individual downloads and streaming music under one pricing structure.

Here’s how the program works: for every $5 you spend (using either a credit card or pre-paid download card) you get 5 MP3 downloads and one month of unlimited streaming music. Plans are available in $5, $15, $30, and $60 increments, and every track is guaranteed to be compatible with any MP3 player.

All in all it sounds like a great deal to me, so maybe I’ll have to check it out. If you’d like additional information though, including a list of featured artists, make sure to stop by

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Re: Napster "5 for $5"

This wouldn't have anything to do with BB owning Napster, now would it?
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Re: Napster "5 for $5"

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Hey Nokia!


You're right, it has to do with Napster being a Best Buy® company.  It also has to do with promoting an offer that we believe is of significant value to our customers. 


I'm a Luddite where the digital music revolution is concerned, but I know which way the wind is blowing on the "physical" music industry and I'm going to have to embrace digital music sooner or later.  It's good to know that I'll be able to do that through an established vendor, Napster, and its parent for which I so happily work. An offer like this one may just tip the balance of when my digital conversion will take place too.


Thanks for keeping the discussion alive, Nokia!




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Re: Napster "5 for $5"

I have looked napster and rhapsody in the past but disliked and was turned away because they were not compatible with the Apple iPods or as the case now or at last i knew are still incompatible with the iphone.  I would much rather pay for asubscription based service for songs then pay outright for the songs. But just need a service that will work with my iPhone.