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Master and Dynamics MW65 and MW08

Does anyone know if these products will ever be back in stock? I am constantly monitoring the website but they are always out of stock. Does anyone know? Thanks

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Re: Master and Dynamics MW65 and MW08

The only way to figure this out would be to keep checking. When they get them in , they get them in. I think there are 3rd party sites which are not endorsed by Best Buy, but people use them to automatically check the stock of an item and see if its there.


I think a good idea for the iDeaX board would be an auto notification if an item goes back in stock for all items.


Of course I'm not allowed to post links to external sites for specific reasons due to the forums terms and conditions but you will find many on what I'm talking about.

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Re: Master and Dynamics MW65 and MW08

Good morning!


Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I'm sorry that these two products have been unattainable for you for quite some time. As Hockeycanuck mentioned, the best chance is just keeping an eye on the product page. If it allows you to hit the "remind me" button to send a text and email when they are restocked, that would be the next step. As far as what I can see on my side, I can't guarantee that we'll be stocking these in the future as it's not giving me any confident info.


Like Hockeycanuck mentioned above, not every product allows you to get a reminder if it comes back in stock. Creating or adding to an existing post on the IdeaX platform, within the Forums, would be a spectacular idea to help this kind of thing out in the future! You should see this tab right at the top of the page. I wish I had better news for you, but this is all I have to share. Please let me know if you have any further questions on this or anything else.



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