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Is this eligible for a replacement?

Hello, I exchanged my old MP3 player for a Samsung P2, because my old one was faulty. I've had a P2 since July, and after a few months of normal usage (walking on the streets listening, on the bus, in the car, at home, etc.) I noticed that the sound was distorted. Then I figured out what it was: the headphone jack was loose. I'm pretty upset, because I can't listen to my music properly without holding the headphone jack in the a certain way. I have heard of fixes, but I do not want to void my warranty. I'm on the Best Buy 2-year plan. Am I able to get a product exchange?
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Re: Is this eligible for a replacement?

Hey nachapol,

Without knowing more specific information about either purchase it’s rather difficult to say whether or not your current MP3 player would qualify for an exchange. As such, I would strongly suggest contacting our toll-free Product Replacement Plan (PRP) hotline at 1-866-539-6883 to see if your PRP is still in effect. As long as it is, representatives can file a claim for you over the phone, potentially saving you an unnecessary trip to your local Best Buy® store.

Hope this helps you out!

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Re: Is this eligible for a replacement?



Well, I am on the 2-year PRP plan. I took a visit to my local Best Buy, but they gave me Samsung's number to call for a replacement or repair.


However, I'm not really interested in a repair, and would like to replace my MP3 player for a new one with Best Buy directly.


Is this possible?


Thank you,



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Re: Is this eligible for a replacement?

Best Buy shouldn't of had you call Samsung, considering your PRP is through BBY not Samsung. If the store locally won't take care of you, what you can do is go and at the bottom there is a link for PRP/PSP fullfillment options. Or you can call 1-800-Best-Buy. What both will do is send you a mailing slip, you  mail your mp3 player to them, and you in return receive a gift card for the value of the mp3 player.
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Re: Is this eligible for a replacement?

Hey nachapol -


Dnicole-Employee is exactly correct.  The store should have performed an exchange, however at this time it sounds like going through the Product Replacement Plan via telephone is your best remedy. 


The process is relatively simple and dnicole explained it well. 


I hope this helps!



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Re: Is this eligible for a replacement?

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Yes, this is really frustrating me. Smiley Sad


BB customer service on the phonesaid I can return my product through And then they would send me a gift card, and I would receive it within 2-3 weeks.


Should I do this?



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