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Ipod touch several questions....

Hi I was hoping someone could help me. I want to buy the new Ipod Touch 2nd gen. but I have a lot of stuff on my old ipod (5th generation video) and I wanted to put everything to the new Ipod touch, how would I do this? I have too much stuff and I doubt it'll fit in a dvd or cd, I think I have 20gigs used. I've been downloading movies getting ready for the move but now I don't know how to put my ipod library into the other ipod. Thanks!


oh the other questions I have is that I've heard that a lot of the accesories that go with the other ipods don't work with ipod touch 2nd gen. like the fm transmitters and radios or docks. I was wondering if this is true and which would be the best to buy. Also the apple av composite cable, is it compatible with the ipod touch 2nd gen? thanks!

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Re: Ipod touch several questions....

Okay, I can answer one of the questions for you. To get everything that's on your iTunes to your new iPod Touch, just plug in your iPod Touch into your computer that has the iTunes and all the songs, and everything will transer to your iPod Touch. Hope that works!
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Re: Ipod touch several questions....

the answer to your second question is that the accessories DO work with the 2nd generation touch.