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Ipod not working

I purchased an Ipod from Best Buy in November. Last week it stopped taking a charge. I sent it to the Apple store and they returned it in a day citing that there was accidental damage/liquid spill that caused it to malfunction. I am not aware of anything like this happening to it. Any idea about how much Best Buy will charge to fix it?

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Re: Ipod not working

Not too sure with iPods but I know with computers that are not protected we charge an upfront fee of $35 dollars.


The $35 is considered a deposit, meaning that after the estimates of the repair have came in you'll have an option of accepting the estimates or declining them.


If you accept said estimates, the initial $35 goes towards the cost of the repair. (If the repair is $100 and you accept, you pay  $65 ($100-$35= | $65 |)


If you decline the estimates, the $35 is used for the shipping of the device , to and from the service center.


Again, this is for computers, if they do have a deposit I'd expect it to be the same, if not less.


Although, I doubt it may be less, it would never hurt to just go and look.


Wish you the best of luck.

Will help as best I can!
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Re: Ipod not working

Hello lleebard,


We aren’t currently able to do Cash on Demand repairs on an iPod. We can help repair or replace an iPod only if it was purchased along with one of our Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plans, in which case you can bring it by the Geek Squad counter at your local Best Buy store for assistance.


If you didn’t purchase a GSP, Apple may still be able to fix a damaged iPod for a charge. My best advice under the circumstances would be to get back in touch with Apple support.



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