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Ipod Touch

If I buy and Ipod Touch 5th generation from you, will you transfer everything from it to the new one?  Is there a trade in sort of thing where you would give me anything for my old Ipod Touch?

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Re: Ipod Touch

Yes Best buy can transfer your music for you. You will need to contact the store as I am not sure as to what they charge. And yes best buy has a trade in program. You can get a estimate of what you could possibly get here.
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Re: Ipod Touch

You'll need to copy everything from the old iPod to an iTunes library first before you can sync it to the iPod unless the music on the older iPod already stored in an iTunes library. In that case, just connect the new iPod and let it sync whatever content you desire.
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Re: Ipod Touch

When you see the new iPod touch for the first time, you won’t believe your eyes.It's design is brilliant..