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Ipod Touch Warranty

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I bought my Ipod Touch half a year ago along with one year warranty

I noticed that there were some problems with my Ipod Touch ... Such as:

- sometimes when I plug my Ipod to my computer, it automatically restores by itself

- it freezes

- when i'm on the facebook application, It doesnt load some of the stuff and leaves it blank

- sometimes, when i press an application, such as "notes" it doesnt load, instead, the icon has a darker shade (as if youve pressed it to open it)

- One day, I opened my "photo" application and the screen turned completely black

- Sometimes, I click the home button (to navigate away) and its not as fast/smooth


I don't have my original reciept but I do have a return receipt that states the original transaction number 


Im wondering if I could use my warrenty to replace the Ipod Touch I currently have.


Thank You.

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