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Ipod Classic PSP Question

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I purchased a floor sample 80GB iPod classic at a best buy on 12/26/2007, and at the time of purchase, I was convinced by one of the sales associates to purchase a three year PSP for the iPod. I was told that it would cover normal wear and tear of the iPod, and all of the normal terms and conditions of the agreement. I agreed to purchase it, and it is valid until 12/26/2010. My iPod's clickwheel has become a bit unresponsive, and I've updated the firmware on the iPod to the newest version, as Apple suggests, but to no avail. There are also some minor issues with it, such as when scrolling alphabetically though music lists, it always jumps to S or T while scrolling. The battery has also lost a significant amount of life since purchase, more than what I would expect to be normal for a device like this. I was wondering what the service plan could to for me, specifically if I could just bring it in and trade it in for store credit or something to buy up to a Touch, and if not, what my plan will cover. My PSP # is {edited per community guidelines}, and I still have the orginal reciept, box, and cables.


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Re: Ipod Classic PSP Question

The three year PSP covers damage due to mfg. defects, dust, heat, humidity, power surge, and normal wear and tear. Bring your Classic in and it'll be sent out for servicing. You have the option of regular repair, or Rapid Exchange. Normal repair is just what it sounds like: your iPod will be repaired. RE will get you a refurbished iPod much quicker than you'd wait for your original to be repaired.


If you choose normal repair, and it is uneconomical to fix, you will receive a new iPod comparable in features to your current one. If you want a different model, you can opt to receive a store credit for the price of the comparable model, and just pay the difference.


There is no way to get a store credit without having it sent out.

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Re: Ipod Classic PSP Question

It will cover parts and labor on the product. I would take it to the nearset store and let them send it out for service.



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Re: Ipod Classic PSP Question