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Insignia Sport with Bluetooth Playlist Problem.

Hello. I'm brand new to this board and have been searching the net for an answer to this question for some time. I have an Insignia NS-2V17B which I bought second hand and I love the thing, especially the bluetooth function which pairs up nicely with the bluetooth receivers I have in each of my vehicles. I recently ran into a problem with playlists, though, which I thought I had solved but a new problem arose. I have been creating M3U playlists with Media Monkey and putting them in a playlists folder under the internal memory. This works great for the internal memory. But I cannot get any playlist that I create for songs in the external memory (8gb sdhc) to attach to those songs. Say for instance all artists from letters E through Z are on the sdhc card and I create a playlist with MediaMonkey and place it in the Playlists folder on the INTERNAL memory. The playlist shows up on the player, but when you arrow down it says (No Playlists) and when you hit play, nothing happens. I created a playlist folder in the External Memory and moved my playlist over there but that froze the player up solid. Then I got really inventive and renamed the music folder in the external memory as "Music 2" thinking that the player was looking in the internal music folder for an artist that wasn't there, but that did not succeed either. What am I missing? Is there a way to connect a M3U playlist to the music in the external memory on these neat little players, or are my efforts in vain. Thanks for taking a look.
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Re: Insignia Sport with Bluetooth Playlist Problem.

That is because you bought a SDHC card -- the Insignia Sport only takes SD cards.