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Insignia Sport 4GB and Arcsoft Media Converter 2.0

I get the following error while converting video:"Arcsoft AVI writer eval version has expired. Please contact to get a commercial version" I installed the Arcsoft Mediaconverter 2.0 version included on the installation cd that came in the package. Please advise.



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Re: Insignia Sport 4GB and Arcsoft Media Converter 2.0

I finally got my situation resolved, but got absolutely No assistance in this forum.


All I can recommend is un & re installing your software. The trick is, after you run your uninstall, you still need to delete your data in documents & settings.


My Computer>C: drive>Documents and Settings>"user name">Application Data>highlight Arcsoft, hit delete & empty it from your Recycle Bin.


My understanding of the reason behind this is to get rid of your previous settings so your computer doesn't know that you'd had the product installed previously.


You also might want to run a registry cleaner at this point. There is a good free utility here  that also has a faster 'uninstaller' than the one in Windows Control Panel. If/when you clean your registry, either make a backup first or only remove the registry errors dealing with Arcsoft. Actually, I advise running the CCleaner tools, making a backup of your registry First & Then going through all the un/re install procedures.


I don't know if this will fix your issue, but it can't hurt.


Good Luck getting any help from this forum...I Didn't!