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Insignia Pilot/Sport question



A good day to you all. Just wanna ask:


1.) Is the 8gb version still available? i can't seem to find it on the website. How much?

2.) What's the maximum capacity SD card i can use on the SD slot?

3.) i had a nasty surprise when i bought a Creative Zen for my dad. While the player had an SD slot, the mp3 files on the card  won't appear on the playlist -- i.e. you'd need to play each file individually.


Is this the same case for the Insignia Pilot?


Thanks in advance Smiley Wink


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Re: Insignia Pilot/Sport question

Hey badkuk,

Unfortunately, the 8GB Insignia Pilot MP3 player is no longer available through Best Buy ® stores or the website.  Some stores may still carry some residual inventory of this model, but there is no guarantee that it will be in stock in your area.

As far as SD flash memory cards are concerned, I was not able to locate any restriction on the maximum size supported using information provided by the manufacturer.  I can only assume that this would mean that any size standard SD card should function with the Pilot, but I cannot guarantee this.  Additionally, songs should be automatically added to your play list whenever a SD memory card is used.

While this model may no longer be available, you may still be able to find the functionality you’re looking for in units made by other companies such as Microsoft, Sony or Samsung.  Many of the models that are currently in production will have some kind of expandable memory function, and most will allow direct playback from SD memory without having to manually select songs.

Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Insignia Pilot/Sport question

I loved my Insignia Pilot 8G. It has more features that I want. I love the fact that it has Bluetooth. Not even Ipod has bluetooth. But I have had one MAJOR problem with it. I had my Pilot in a Best But Leather case when I bent down to tie my shoe. The screen cracked along the battery line on the back side of the player. It cracked right along that line through the screen. Some how it STILL playes music and all of the features work. I just can't read the left side of my screen. I just wish that They still made the Insignia Pilot 8G. Expandable memory, Bluetooth connectivity, easy to use menues, Dual headphones jacks. It has one for Headphones and one out line. It makes it real nice when me and my fience are playing cards and can both listen to the music with 2 sets of headphones. The Insignia Pilot is my favorite MP3 player Just wish they still made it. I would deffiently buy one again!!!