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Re: I pod battery replacement

I dried it in a bowl of rice and it works perfectly fine on the charger but will not go on

other wise so some guy told me i need a battery.  Apple will only replace it if you go to

the store with an appointment and the battery alone is 49.99 and her ipod is 1 1/2 yrs old.

Should i just go to **** and buy a used one for 50.00???  Can you fix it for  me???  Best buy said they won't fix it if we had it for more than a year!!!thanks Cathy

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Re: I pod battery replacement

No, none of us would be able to fix it for you. Sorry.


I would just buy another. I know that's sucky advice, but damage like this is usually quite expensive to fix. I was the one who told you the battery had shorted out, but that may not be the only problem.

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Re: I pod battery replacement

Here is an idea. Sell the old iPod on-line (everything has value on-line) and put any money twards a new one.