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I lost my iPod library

So my grandpa cleaned out my old computer since I have a new one now but he did it before I had a chance to move my iTunes library. I just got an iTouch but I cant load any of my music onto it since I don't have my library anymore. My old iPod still has all my music, but I want to get it onto my iTouch. How do I do that when I've lost my library?
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Re: I lost my iPod library

There's a few step process.


1. Plug you're iPod with music into the computer.
2. Open My Computer.
3. Make sure hidden files are not hidden.
3.5 If they are or you're not sure, go to "Tools", then "Folder Options". Click the "View" tab and check "View hidden files and folders"

4. In My Computer, open the iPod icon [E: Drive]
5. Open the semi transparent folder "iPod_Control".
6. Open the semi transparent folder "Music".
7. Open the folders [Ie: F00, F01] and select all the files [Ie: WLYN]* [shortcut to select all: ctrl + a]
8. Drag and drop the files into iTunes.


*The files with look like WLYN, but when they're in iTunes, they should go back to normal.