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Can somebody please help me with my ipod plan??

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I have a Product Replacement Plan for two years on my 1st generation ipod touch. I bought it December 2007 and I just recently lost it November 2008. But before I lost it, in September 2008 I had to use my replacement plan to get another ipod so the serial number that is on my receipt would be different but I do have the geek squad receipt from when they gave me another one.How could I go by getting another one?? Would I be able to pay a deductible but not the full amount to get another one even though I have a two year protection plan on the ipod?? Also if there is a process to get another, which would be the best way of doing that and does Apple give a plan that does cover stolen products??

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Re: Can somebody please help me with my ipod plan??

Hey Nevaeva16,

Because Best Buy’s Performance Service Plans (PSP’s) and Geek Squad® Black Tie Protection (GSBTP) do not include coverage for accidental loss or theft, we’re unfortunately unable to replace stolen products. You can, however, always cancel your original PSP coverage and obtain a pro-rated refund if you’ve lost your iPod. Simply stop into your local Best Buy® store with a copy of your original receipt, and a customer service associate would be glad to help you out.


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