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Can my iPod be replaced?

I purchased an iPod a few years ago and purchased the warranty. I had it replaced before the warranty ended, bought another warranty and did this until the people at Best Buy said I could not buy another warranty after the most current one. I lost my iPod back in June of last year, but didn't do anything then because I was upgrading my phone to the iPhone 4S and felt that I did not need to replace the iPod if I was getting and iPhone. I used the iPod primarily for music and apps. Now I do the same with my phone, but my headphone jack has been giving me problems (which I have found is a common problem) and I can't find my receipt to get it replaced, and I saw my iPod information on my desk, so I thought about just getting another iPod. So, for my actual question, can I get an iPod replaced at Best Buy even if I don't have it? I know they will think I still have the old one and what not, but I was just wondering if they would give me a new one, even if I paid a fraction of the total price or whatever.

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Re: Can my iPod be replaced?

No, without the old one to exchange due to a issue that is covered under warranty (lost or stolen is not covered) for a new iPod there is ZERO chance they will give you a new one. not even for a discount. If you want one you will have to pay full price for one.