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Can I get my Powerbeats2 Wireless Earphones fixed?

4 or 6 months ago I purchased a pair of powerbeats 2 wireless earphones. I was instructed they woul not be covered by insurance like my previous ones. If they were broken I would have to talk to Apple. I was always careful and kept the earphones safe. After every use I would place them inside the box and atore them in my closet. One day they stayed for a whole day in a hot August. No one was home and the house overheated so when I came home I was about to put them on when I realized that one speaker part unglued. They were not broken and sound the same as new. It just unglued out the base and is being held by the wires. I tried sending it to Apple after a representative and someone in charge promised they would be fixed or replaced free of charge. However they were returned and it said on the process the headphones were unintentionally damaged amd would not be eligible for repair. They can just be glued back on with no problem. I just dont want to void the warranty if worth it. Whats a suggestion? I will definitely glue it if not answered.
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Re: Can I get my Powerbeats2 Wireless Earphones fixed?

Well if they won't fix them your choices are to either glue them yourself or use them as is.


Personally it sounds like a warrenty issue in the first place.


Sounds odd though. I would think your house would have to heat up to well over 150F + for the glue to come undone.

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