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Bluetooth headphones that don't beep

I'm new to Bluetooth headphones and am having a hard time finding the right ones. I need inear buds with a lifetime of at least 8 hours.

My biggest issue is finding a pair that will not beep when the volume maxes out or is changed at all. Basically i don't want them to give any type of notification regarding volume.

Also I do not want beats!
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Re: Bluetooth headphones that don't beep

That beep is built in as a safety feature.


At one time or another somebody carelessly kepth their volumn cranked up and suffer hearing loss. So they took the high road and sued the headphone company.


So now you have the beep to alerty you to playing the volumn to high. 


My tablet whenever I turn the volumn up to high will beep and flash an alert message.


Kind of like when you see the warning lable on McDonalds coffee cups that the coffee is hot.

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