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Best headset for use with IPod?

Am looking to upgrade from ear buds yet too many options on line. Wireless or not? Best for travel? Comfort for wear with big honkin' earings? Minimum storage space and portability? Price is a consideration but not a deterrent. Any recommendations?
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Re: Best headset for use with IPod?

Hi jmts! 


Thanks for asking this as it gave me an opportunity to dig into it and learn a little myself!  I just use a pair of basic corded ear buds with my iPod, so I contacted one of our store Media Specialists for more information and found out the following: For the types of uses you mentioned, it sounds as though ear buds may be the best option for you.  However, our Media Specialist suggested that you may want to try a pair that has “noise cancelation” included.  This feature seals out all ambient noise and seems to be a current favorite amongst our customers.  Another suggestion would be to check out what other people like about each of the sets we sell online through the Reviews and Ratings.  If you are not sure where to find the Reviews and Ratings, please visit:


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