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Best Skullcandy, or any other brand/type of earbuds I should get?

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I want to get a Skullcandy earbuds but I don't know what kind to get, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and listen to a lot of music, mostly movie/TV soundtrack and pop music, but sometimes a little R&B music too, so I guess that would mean I need a Skullcandy earbuds, or I guess any kind of earbud brand, I just like Skullcandy earbuds because I had a couple Skullcandy earbuds in the past but that certainly doesn't mean I necessarily have to get a Skullcandy earbuds if there is a better earbuds brand/type of earbuds out there, that has great/excellent bass, great/excellent mid and treble and clear/crisp vocals, so if anyone can tell me based on the type of music/audio I listen to what would be a great Skullcandy, or again any other earbuds brand/type of earbuds if there is a brand/type better then Skullcandy, I should get that would be great.




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Re: Best Skullcandy, or any other brand/type of earbuds I should get?

Skullcandy is a great brand with quality drivers and great sound reproduction.


Many of the Skullcandy ear buds can also work with your phone to maximum use


To that end if you want maximum portability and use I would take a strong look Skullcandy XT Free Wireless earbuds.  You get an amazing amount of charge off of a full charge and convenient hands free portability. 


For other brands I am very impressed with the Bose Soundsport and the Beats Powerbeats.  They are a bit more pricy but their sound quality will blow you away.



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Re: Best Skullcandy, or any other brand/type of earbuds I should get?

Hey Kendall!


I agree with bobberuchi that Skullcandy makes some awesome headphones.  I have always liked the kind of earbuds that fit snug in my ears and give me the rich bass and crisp sound you described.  I recently purchased a pair of Sony EX Series earbuds for only around $10 and their sound is AMAZING, even for that low price point.


If you'd prefer to stay within the Skullcandy family, I have also previously owned a pair of the INK'd earbuds and can tell you firsthand that they were equally as great as my new Sony pair.


Hope this helps!

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