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Belkin Ipod-Stereo connector... repair question!!

I have a Belkin Ipod-Stereo adaptor where I can put the adapter in my car and then plug the other end into my ipod. So far I have had no complaints, everything works A+, EXCEPT one thing. The place where the CORD and the ADAPTOR meet has disconnected, leaving the inner cords openly exposed. In the past I have used electrical tape to hold it together, and sometimes duct tape, but during the summer the duct tape and electrical tape are affected by the sunlight and they melt and leave sticky residue all over the cords and then slowly fall off.


My question - what kind of tape or adhesive can I use so my adapter and cord stay together PERMANANTLY.?!


Thanks! I really don't want to invest anouther $75 for a new one Smiley Sad

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Re: Belkin Ipod-Stereo connector... repair question!!

Hey Carly.


That's a great question, I had to do the same after my sister's rabbit chewed threw some of my AV cables.


I found that Silicone Rubber tape is a great solution. Resistant to high temperatures, water proof, and a tight seal. If you'd like to look into some other option, you can check out this link:

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