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Beats by Dre exchange question

This summer I saved up and bought myself a pair of studio beats. I also got the 2 year warranty aswell, however, now I'm noticing that whenever I listen to this, even with the volume super quiet, ANYONE near me can hear what I'm listening to! I never noticed it to be this bad, and it makes others around me seem irritated they can hear my music. If anything, they're more like actual speakers rather than headphones which bums me out! So I'm asking, is there anyway my warranty covers the speaker issue I'm having? I don't care about getting the new beats, I just want a pair that works and isn't blatantly noisy. Beats are pricey so I'm just hoping I'm not stuck with odd speakers. Thanks
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Re: Beats by Dre exchange question

You will have to go to the store and ask and let them look at them and see and listen for themselves. All Beats I have seen I have heard as well so its not a unique situation to you. it is pretty common with those things. But since no one here can see or hear what you are experiencing we cant tell you yes or no. All we can say is maybe and to go to a store and check. But again I would not count on them saying it is faulty and authorizing a exchange but it can happen.