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Beats Wireless headband snapped

Dear BestBuy Community,


I purchased a pair of white Beats Wireless from BestBuy in Manhattan, New York back in January of 2013. Unfortunately about two weeks later, I took them out of the case and attempted to wear them as normal but the headband just suddenly snapped. I took it off to check and it is a crack right next to the two screws and Beats By Dre logo.


I did some online research and realized that this is a very common problem and it is because of the pressure points and how weak that plastic actually is. I did not even force open it or anything, it just snapped on its own.


I am from Egypt and therefore sending it back to New York would cost me a lot (shipping), not to mention I actually lost the receipt I purchased it with. I contacted BestBuy through the telephone at the time and they told me they cannot do anything about it if I don't have the receipt, so I just put it in its case and left it as a paperweight.


Today I stumbled upon this:


I had no idea that replacement headbands actually existed. So my question is, if I were able to get one of those, will it completely replace the headband or is it just the top part (just the plastic, without the rubber)? And is it easy to replace? Do I just unscrew the two screws on each side and replace?


This is what the crack in my headphones looks like:


Thank you very much. 

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Re: Beats Wireless headband snapped

It looks like it will just replace the plastic band, not the rubber. You might want to get into contact with the manufacturer to ask about specifics, like ease of use and specific location that the product would be used.

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