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Audio Install- Will it void my warranty?

I have a 2014 Toyota Corolla and I was wanting to keep my stock touch screen head unit, buy upgrade speakers and put in a sub or two. I was just wondering if this would void my warranty. Also does Best Buy warrant that they didnt mess anything up during the install. I just dont want my A/C or anything to go out and the dealership feed me some story that its due to the after market install.


Any help would be great. Thanks!!


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Re: Audio Install- Will it void my warranty?

No, the installations of none factory speakers will not void the warranty. Typically factory warranties are only voided if you mess with the computer systems in the car, engine, or powertrain. Some manufactures will even void the warranty if you upgrade the exhaust system. However if the installation goes wrong and say it blows the computer up. Your factory warranty will not cover that. That is where Best Buy comes in. Their installation services are insured so if something does go wrong you can get the qoute from the dealer on repairs and then file a insurance claim with Best Buy and their insurance company.