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Apple Music or Spotify

I have been using Amazon Music with Prime and I am getting ready to dump it for various reasons. 


My daughters have also been wanting Spotify gift cards.  So for their birthday I decided to get a family plan for either Apple Music or Spotify.


I would appreciate opinions on both services from people. 


One thing I would like to be able to do for myself is to create a playlist so when I get in my car I can just pull up the play list before I drive.


I know both services allow for play lists.  However, of greater benefit would be creating the play list from a computer rather than a device. I have seen that you can manage Spotify from a browser and Apple Muisc from iTunes.


From what I can see from both Spotify is more user friendly in that respect. 



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Re: Apple Music or Spotify

For me Spotify is the best.  I have it on all of my devices, Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, tablets.  Yup, playlist playing is easy as well with android or Apple auto. 


If any of your daughters are students with .edu email addresses.  Spotify has $5/month for students (not sure about family), includes Hulu.