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Any suggestions for an MP3 player?

Hi there,


I have recently made changes in my life into a healthier lifestyle, which includes exercising. I have joined a gym, but find that I am not always a fan of the music that it plays, and it drags my exercise routine. 


So,  I am in the market for an mp3 player.  I am not into spending a lot of money just because I only need it for exercise and possibly for jogs or walks in the park. I don’t need a lot of memory because my routines are typically anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. So as you can tell I don’t need a lot of fancy features - what suggestions do you have for me?

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Re: Any suggestions for an MP3 player?

I bought my gf a 4GB Sansa for Xmas and she loves it. Just enough to hold multiple albums, but not TOO much ya know?


Also they're only like $40.

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Re: Any suggestions for an MP3 player?

I'd say something from Apple, as much as I hate the monoply they have on everything they create, you run out of things for off brand products when it comes to car chargers, FM transmitters, etc.
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Re: Any suggestions for an MP3 player?

Call me cheap, but i dont own an MP3 player. I use my cellphone to play music(most cellphones can play mp3's). all you need is a headphone or possibly headphone adapter depending on your cellphone. 1 less device to carry when i'm jogging, mountain biking or just hiking ,i carry my cell anyways at all times for emergencies.
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Re: Any suggestions for an MP3 player?

I'm with inutel on this one. I've got an LG shine that has a decent MP3 player on it. I've got about 150 songs on my phone and i would rather use that than purchase a seperate MP3 player just for going out to exercise.


Of course, I'm kinda limited on the type of exercise I can do, as I'm pregnant, so if I could find a waterproof one for when I go swimming, I'd be a happy camper. Smiley Very Happy

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