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An ipod for another

I own an ipod nano that has sevral problems. So, i am hoping to exchange my broken ipod for an ipod touch using my warrenty. I will have to pay the difference, correct? And does tax apply? Does it apply to the difference or the total cost of the ipod touch? Also I have a two-year warrenty on my current ipod, but only a year has been used up. So can the amount of time leftover be subtracted from what I have to pay for the new warrenty? And is tax included on that too? Because I heard somewhere it is not included. Help please!
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Re: An ipod for another

If you bring your current nano in under the Geek Squad Black Tie Protection plan, and that product is no longer carried by BB, you are eligible to get the amount you paid back on a store credit card. You can use this towards the purchase of a touch. Whether you opt for the store credit or replacement nano, your GSBTP is considered fulfilled. If you choose to buy a touch, you will also have to buy a new GSBTP.