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Advice on my Sansa clip (mp3)?

I've had my Sansa Clip for about a month and a half now, and it's been great. I can get a load of songs from Rhapsody and nothing wrong has ever popped up. However, yesterday, when I plugged my mp3 in to let it charge, nothing happened. It claimed that it was connected, so I looked in my files to check it out, and found that my computer didn't recognize it at all.

Not only that, but Rhapsody didn't even realize it was plugged in. Today I started trying to use it with the three different USB modes, and one works, but Rhapsody won't let me download from it anymore. My sister tried her mp3, and it worked just fine.

A friend told me to reset my mp3 and see if the settings went back to default, but I only got the same answer, and now all of my songs are gone. I'm at a loss of what to do!

Can anyone help?

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Re: Advice on my Sansa clip (mp3)?

This morning my sister and I tried deauthorizing my device and then reauthorizing it. We right-clicked on the sansa clip icon in the sources section, but nothing about authorizing it pops up. 
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Re: Advice on my Sansa clip (mp3)?

Howdy mymusicalmuse,


I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your Sansa Clip.  It's always pretty frustrating when the technology we enjoy goes on the fritz.  In doing a bit of research for you, I did find some troubleshooting tips on the Sansa website.  I'd recommend visiting there and following the link for "Support."  This will take you to an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.  Of interest to you will be "Why won't my Sansa Clip Charge when I connect it to my computer?" and "My Sansa player is not recognized by my computer when I connect it."  Hopefully these answers will help solve your difficulties.  If not, you may certainly contact Sansa for additional troubleshooting assistance.  You can reach them at 866-SANDISK (866-726-3475).


I hope this helps.  Thanks for writing!

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