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80gb Zune won't power up

I have the 80gb zune that I got 1/23/08. It won't power on. I have it plugged into the computer and have tried the rebooting (back button and pressing up for 10 seconds) It won't do anything. Any other suggestions before I use my extended warranty?
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Re: 80gb Zune won't power up

If you have tried to plug it in, and tried rebooting it and it isn't working than it is probably dead. If you have an extended warranty with Best Buy, I would bring it into a store and take it from there!
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Re: 80gb Zune won't power up

You may have already resolved this issue, but the same thing happened to my 80gb Zune around the same time.  Because it was still under the one year Microsoft warranty, I called the customer service number.  After a few minutes of troubleshooting, they created a repair order for replacement of the unit.  They just sent me an empty box with packing and labels to send my dead unit to them.  Once they received it, they sent me a new unit - no questions asked.


If you haven't resolved it, you may want to give them a call...good luck