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6th Generation iPod Nano Not Working

So I purchased a 6th iPod nano just last month and had it sent to me via mail. I took it out of the packaging and had turned it on and charged it and it seemed to work so I threw away the packaging and receipt.


However, I just tried putting music on it yesterday, and it will not work. I bought all of the music from iTunes and its in my library and the music works fine there, but then when I unplug my iPod, half of the time it says that I haven't synced it and there's no music on it, and the other half of the time the music is there, but the cover art is contorted and it will play one or two seconds of the song and then skip to the next.


I tried messing with it for an hour and a half and its still doing this. Is there anything I can do in this situation? I'm extremely displeased and I need my iPod for a lengthy plane ride I'm going on.


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Re: 6th Generation iPod Nano Not Working

Hi aseda26,


Are you using the latest version of iTunes? Have you tried resetting your iPod to factory settings? You can find directions to do this at the link below. This usually helps clear up any software bugs you might be having.


If it still isn't working and you purchased it less than 30 days ago, I would encourage you to bring it back to your local Best Buy store so we can try to troubleshoot and exchange it for you if necessary.



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