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5th or 4th

okay so even though its new and better is there really a big difference between the 5th genration and 4th generation ipod touch? Im trying to save money so which should i go with? Thanks

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Re: 5th or 4th

The main difference is 5th generation iPod has a better camera than the 4th generation iPod
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Re: 5th or 4th

Smithjon is VERY WRONG! There is other HUGE differences!

Some big differences:

1. The iPod 5 uses a dual core processor vs the single core in the 4G. These means that the device will be overall faster

2. iPod 5G screen is larger! 4 inches vs 3.5 inches

3. The iPod 5G has double the RAM. 512mb vs 256mb. This also helps with the speed and response of your device if you have many apps running in background.

4. The cameras are big difference. 5 megapixel rear/1.2 megapixel front on 5G and a measly 0.92 MP rear/VGA front.

5. The iPod 5G is thinner and lighter.

So to say the main difference is the camera is not correct as there are plenty of big differences in the devices.
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Re: 5th or 4th

The new one uses iOS 6.0


What that means in world of Apple products is that NEW apps will be coming out in 6.0 and you will find with an older iOS that there are a lot of new apps you will get a message telling you it will not work on your device.


It should not have an effect on music.


My daughter has an iPod Touch 2 that she got a few months ago from someone and it is frustrating to her that she is constantly getting this problem.


Touch 5 also has the iPod Touch Loop feature

Better Camera

Better display

Better resolution

Bigger Display

Weighs less

More memory 32GB or 64GB vs 16GB and 32GB


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Re: 5th or 4th

Well, if you want to save go for the cheaper. 

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Re: 5th or 4th

If I were you I'll choose the iPod 5th gen.
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Re: 5th or 4th

Buy iPod 5th gen it's more accurate.