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cancelled orders since december and now rewards point gone missing


i've documented my issues in some other threads on here about cancelled orders for no reason at all (american express card was charged) then a few mins later cancelled.. this happened 3-4 times on 4090 FE order as i said since december latest order Feb 9th. Cancelled. Refunded 14th after contacting cusomter support (refund pending for many days).. credit back on credit card but my rewards certificate points i used have disappeared. They usually re-appear at same time as refund issued/cancelled usually within 48 hours maybe 72 hours max. Was told Feb 17th, then it was changed to Feb 18th. It's now going to be Feb 20th plenty of business days to see the points back but i don't see them.


(As part of the cancelled order nonsense someone on here told me they created a ticket and the correct team investigated and fixed the error on bestbuy side and i should be able to make future orders). Problem is now my points are completely gone. I had close to $1190 worth of points (59500) disappeared and i been getting confusing mixed answers as to what happened to them and status.


Please investigate . again i can send my info via private messge and i can send link to my receipt (showing refund along with points to be refunded to my member id shown on the receipt). 


THIS needs to stop i'm just beyond frustrated.. beating a dead horse here.. is this due to Feb updated with regards to points? regardless this is equivalent to theft at this point because those points are from valid purchaess i made throughout the years and was saving it to put it towards the coveted 4090 FE gpu for my own build vs my business builds in previous purchases.



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Re: cancelled orders since december and now rewards point gone missing

Hello, kitefite. Thanks for reaching out on our Forums!


I have sent you an update in the private message you started with us. Our team is looking into this for you.



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