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bonus 10% coupon

I recently made a purchase at a Best Buy store and when I checked out I gave the repesentative my coupon for 10% bonus points toward any purchase.  I have been waiting for the points to be credited to my account so I called the rewards line today.  I was told since i chose the deferred payments that i was not eligble for any points.  It has been a while since i used the deferred payment plan and didnt realize it offers no points now, but the rep who cashed me out did not mention that the coupon would not be eligble.  I do not need the financing as I can pay this off and just chose for convenience.  What can be done so I receive these bonus points.  Thanks.

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Re: bonus 10% coupon

Hello, simmi99,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum!


A coupon offering 10% back in points is something that could really come in handy, especially if there are plans to make a larger purchase.  That is not a coupon I have ever received but would not hate it if one showed up in my mailbox someday.  The information the prior agent you spoke with is accurate.  A purchase would not qualify for points if applied to a no interest promotional financing offer.  A member can choose between standard financing and points OR promotional financing and zero points.  That aspect of the rewards program has been in place since 2013.


There isn't an option through Citibank to change the financing offer tied to a purchase after the fact.  The only real way for you to change from promotional financing to standard financing would be to process a full refund and new purchase.  You could select standard financing during the new purchase.  That is an option if you are within the return/exchange period; however, your 10% back coupon has already been scanned and those are one-time use coupons.  Another potential roadblock we may encounter is if the price of the item has gone up since the initial purchase was processed.


While your purchase may not have qualified for points because it was applied to a promotional financing offer, it should still count towards reaching Elite and Elite Plus status.  With that all having been said, I would like to take a closer look at your rewards account and will be sending you a private message shortly in-order to gather some additional information.  You can read private messages by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the little envelope icon that is located at the top of the page.


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Best Wishes,

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