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Very disappointed with hotline

I’ve been an elite plus member for at least 9 plus years meaning I’ve probably spent at least 30000 with the company. Recently I purchased an Akg gaming chair, it was back ordered , fine. I was given a pick up date 0f March 23, then April 3rd with a guarantee from a inventory specialist, then the 23rd, then Best Buy cancelled my order today. I made at least 5 calls to the hotline, all documented and was given different information each time. Finally on the 11th I talked to a rewards supervisor named Eduardo who claimed for my inconvenience I would be able to keep my points if Best Buy cancelled my order. Guess what still no points. I called again today and spoke with rewards supervisor, who was very rude to me, claiming she couldn’t see any of my previous notes even though she was transferred by another person who read about my situation. I asked her to note my situation and she said okay, with a voice of disdain. I stayed on the phone not believing what happened. She ask what I wanted. I said I’m waiting for you to hang up on me. She did. nelly needs a new job she refused to give me her agent number or location. Is this how you people handle you’re best customers? Problem is I used my Citibank Best Buy card coupon which gave me 10 percent rewards, she said sorry it’s lost. I’ve dealt with Best Buy customer service many times, and since they’ve outsourced their hotline, the service has gone way downhill. At least Amazon treats their customers well. I have over 60000 reward points once I use them, I’m through with this company.

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Re: Very disappointed with hotline

Hello, Phillipleung88,

Welcome back to the Best Buy forums. I see it's been a while since last we heard from you. I hope things have been going well for you.


I apologize for any unprofessional behavior that you experienced over the phone, and for any confusion in regards you your points. My understanding is that points would not be issued for a purchase until after the order has been fulfilled. As your order was cancelled, we would not expect that any points would be added to your account for it. Promotional certificates are typically one-time use, and would not be returned through our systems. That being said, I understand that the order was not cancelled by your choice, and I would be happy to review your account in more detail and see if there is anything we might be able to do to help. If that is something you would be interested in, please feel free to send me a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.



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Re: Very disappointed with hotline

Bestbuy did it too me. Lost my points, they cancelled my order, and I owe 5 dollars in interest on an item I never received! Thanks to this “ethical” company. Hope you guys can use my interest payments on hiring better call center people.

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Re: Very disappointed with hotline

Thank you for your feedback, Phillipleung88,


As I mentioned in my reply to your message last night, I’d like to make sure we’re able to get your original order fully processed before we’re able to proceed.  If you have any other questions, please reply to the message I’ve sent, and I’ll be happy to address any additional concerns you might have.


Thank you,

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