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Unable to use points and they expired, SCAM? maybe, bad practice is more fair.

So heres how my story goes, i bought a 3000 dollar tv, and was incentivized with the 10% rewards promotion and even opened up one of your credit cards.


Fast forward a couple months and the PS5 is releasing so i get on my account to discover my reward certificates have expired, what a great practice points that dont expire but certificates that do. I would of never redeemed the points until i was ready cant believe you can get away with that.

So i call up customer support and i plead my case and hey no problem we will reinstate those for you, and im thinking great now i can use them on a PS5 and its a win win. as most people know the story PS5 hasnt been in stock for over 8 months now, and my reward points have thus expired, again.

so i call up customer support again today cause i am ready to buy a laptop for work and ill just use my reward points that i earned by purchasing a big tv, only to be told they can't reinstate them.


Now if this was 20-50$ i would let it go but its 295$ in reward points that i am basically being told too bad, even though the item i wanted to use my reward points on was never available for purchase.


All i can say is warn all your friends / family who dont know about this insane practice of ripping off customers.

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Re: Unable to use points and they expired, SCAM? maybe, bad practice is more fair.

Hi, fstevens518,


Thank you for taking the time to register for the forum and connect with us.


The loss of a certificate to an expiration date can feel like a missed opportunity, and I speak from experience as I've had a few certificates of my own expire over the years. It doesn't matter if a reward certificate is valued at $5, $20, or even $100. Any amount of money we can keep in our pocket is a good feeling, as we're all looking to save a few dollars when we can.

A certificate comprised of the points you are awarded will be automatically issued based on your certificate preference and will generally be valid for a period of 60 days, unless noted otherwise on the actual certificate.  It sounds like another agent granted you some sort of exception back in 2020 after the certificates initially expired; however, we generally don't consider a second exception should a member allow their certificates to expire a second time.  It's sort of expected that a member will occasionally login to their rewards account, even if just once a month, which would allow them to see if they have any active certificates.


I took a quick peek at your rewards account using the email address you registered with the forum, and I'd like to go over your rewards account with you in a bit more detail, so I'll be sending you a private message shortly. You can read a private message by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page.


Expired My Best Buy™ Reward Certificates FAQ


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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