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This is an extremely frustrating experience and I hope it gets your attention

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I am a returning customer (after a few years of absence) and a few days ago I purchased two laptops from one of your Los Angeles stores. A few days after the purchases, I noticed that the items I bought had not been posted to my online account and reached out to your customer service to resolve something (have someone at BestBuy connect my purchases to my online account) that should have taken a little time investment on my part but turned out to result of several wasted hours of my time.


Last Saturday morning, first it was a pretty long wait to get to chat to an agent online about this (following your suggestion that chatting online about an issue was the preferred way to go). When I finally found an online agent, he said he could not help, to call the customer support number. I did that, and after over half an hour on wait, I got to talk to an agent. She said she could not help, that she would transfer me to the "Best Buy Core Team." Another pretty long wait on the phone... When the specialist finally came to the phone, he guided me through a procedure while accessing my online account, then he said I would receive an email with instructions for activating a verification code that would resolve the problem at hand.


Here is the email message I received yesterday:


From: "Best Buy" <>
To: <***********@********.***> (masked for privacy)
Subject: Verification Code: Link your Member ID to Your Account
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 15:19:32 -0600
Reply-To: "Best Buy" <>


Simply enter your verification code on to link your Member ID to your® account.

Linking your Member ID to your account will ensure that you get rewards and can redeem your reward certificates when shopping on

Happy shopping!

Your Best Buy Customer Care Team

********* (masked)


I promptly accessed my account and found no place where to enter the verification code.

Therefore, I responded to the specialist email at the above email address, asking for assistance on how to specifically enter the verification code in my online account.

I response, I got a Best Buy automated response advising to not reply to the message but to contact Customer Care instead - which would mean to go through a time-wasting ordeal similar to the one I already went through yesterday.


Best Buy Management, you need to get your act together. I brought you my hard-earned money and made two large purchases in order to find enjoyment, certainly not to go through this kind of frustration. I never experience this problem with merchant such as, Ebay, etc. They make it easy to correspond with them. When there is a problem, a customer's ticket is opened and communication flows freely until resolved. By adopting a system like this, you are impeding the necessary communication with your customers and generating a lot of frustration on their part. Eventually, they will flow to vendors who make the purchasing experience a pleasant one.


OK, I have already provided the email reference above. The merge-case number associated with this problem (as given my by the Core Team specialist yesterday is: {removed per forum guidelines}. Please pass this information to someone who will email me with the possibility of emailing back and communicating in a way conducive to problem resolution. This purchase has already become a nightmare because of your very poor established manner of communication with your customers. Do what is necessary to correct this issue.


Your customer with Member ID # {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: This is an extremely frustrating experience and I hope it gets your attention

Good afternoon, RSP,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your recent experience with with your My Best Buy account. As a member, myself, I know I would want to make sure all of my purchases were being associated with your account.


Based on the summary of events in this post, it sounds like you may be trying to get assistance with merging multiple My Best Buy accounts. I would be happy to check on the status of this case and see if I can do anything to further assist you at this time. I will need to collect some more information to do so.


I'll be sending you a private message with some more details shortly. You can check your inbox by clicking the orange envelope in the top right corner of your screen after logging into your forum account.


In the future, we do offer a way to add missing purchases to your My Best Buy account without contacting us. You can find some more information here.


How to Merge My Best Buy™ Rewards Accounts

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: This is an extremely frustrating experience and I hope it gets your attention

Good morning, Andrew B,


I have already replied to your private message with the information you requested.


My post in this forum (it was posted first under Customer Service, but you moved it here) is not just about the merge-multiple-account problem (a minor issue) I experienced, but specially about the poorly structured Best Buy's communication system with its customers. Best Buy makes it very difficult for its customers to communicate about problems with orders, issues, etc. This foments a lot of frustration on the customers' part. This problem is a much greater one and needs to be addressed by Management, or you will eventually lose most of your customers. A lot of issues could be immediately resolved if you allowed for an easier, simpler communication with your customers. As it is, you generate a lot of frustation and disappointment among them.

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Re: This is an extremely frustrating experience and I hope it gets your attention

We've received the private message you sent, and Andrew should be in-touch shortly.  You can read a private message by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page.


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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