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So it appears I was given a $25 rewards certificate by mistake

So, I was given a $25 rewards certificate earlier today than I just noticed I received an email before that stated this:

Dear valued My Best Buy® Member,

You may have received an email from us recently that contained a My Best Buy reward certificate. We apologize, as this email was sent in error due to a systems glitch.

We care about our customers above all else, and have taken appropriate measures to ensure this does not happen again.

The My Best Buy® team

That $25 certificate is still shown in my Best Buy account though when I just checked. I have one other certificate that I still need to use & this one I was just sent that says it expires in November. Of course would like to keep the $25 but I wouldn’t want to get in trouble either if Best Buy meant to remove it from my account & didn’t. I’m just wondering what I should do? Do I just let it expire, can I still use it or will it just randomly be removed from my account?
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Re: So it appears I was given a $25 rewards certificate by mistake

Hello again, NJ85,


I don't blame you for double checking before you try to redeem the $25 certificate, especially after receiving that system glitch email.  It might seem a tad confusing but let's see if I can help clear things up a bit.  First, that email was sent as a result of another email announcing you had been awarded a new certificate; however, you hadn't actually been awarded a new certificate but instead recently redeemed a certificate for the same amount. We generally send a notification email whenever a new certificate is awarded.  The system glitch stems from a notification email being sent for a certificate that had already been redeemed.


Second, the new $25 certificate in your rewards account is 100% legit.  It's the result of a My Best Buy Visa promotional offer you qualified for back in July.  The bonus should have posted to your rewards account within four weeks of the offer expiring but for whatever reason it wasn't.  It looks like we added the bonus to your rewards account yesterday, so feel free to redeem it.  Please feel free to send me a private message, by clicking on the blue button in my signature, if you have any other questions about your rewards account.


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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